I had just started working in a woodworking shop when I started attending comic conventions. I made a cheap laser engraving to give to my favorite celebrity (Summer Glau from Firefly). She was very appreciative, and I had a complete fanboy moment and probably made a fool of myself. 

Afterwards, I decided to make and give one to each of the Firefly cast members if and when I ever got to meet them.

About a year later, I got the chance to meet Summer again. I decided I needed to up my game and learned how to use a CNC machine to make photo engravings. I made a personal one to give to Summer, and a Serenity one to have her autograph.  I also met Jewel Staite at this time and made one to get her to autograph as well.

Since then, I started making them for every comic convention I went to and now have dozens of them, mostly autographed. Everybody loves them!

I have since done family portraits, wedding photos and pets.  Any digital image can be made into a unique wood carving.

Carvings are as large as I can make them on a single board, usually in the 10" x 15" range, but it varies due to the specific image and the available wood. Carvings are initially cut with a CNC machine. They are then stained and hand-sanded to bring out the detail. Finally, I add a finish and a wall mount. All carvings will have my name or initials.


I am critical of my own work and have been known to remake a piece multiple times if I'm not completely satisfied with it.

I'm excited to share my hobby with you!


Dan McDonald